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Here is a brief list and details of the aircraft and helicopters that we have for sale. Many more that I haven't been able to list yet!

If you do not see the Aircraft or Helicopter's you are looking to buy contact us.
HELICOPTERS WANTED for purchase and/or lease
New & used Helicopter's for sale link
Used Boeing aircraft sales site

New arrival - List of over 80 planes for sale or dry lease as of May 25, 2006.

*NEW TO THE MARKET- Boeing 747-200 freighter for lease (available around June 15, 2006). Contact us at, kofab@gokofab.com with your detailed requirements.

Also Boeing 747-400's PAX TO FREIGHTER CONVERSION upon request.

For Sale - Boeing 737-200 PAX and Freighters for sale
For Sale - Boeing 737-400 PAX aircraft's for sale
For Sale - Boeing 737 BBJ's and VIP's ranging in year model and prices. Contact us at kofab@gokofab.com or call us at 713-864-0404 for complete specifications.

For Sale or Lease for Purchase - Boeing 747-400's. Contact us at kofab@gokofab.com or call us at 713-864-0404 for pricing and specifications.

For Wet Lease - 1 @ Lockheed C-130 with T-56A-9D engines. Contact us at kofab@gokofab.com.

5 @ Lockheed C-130 E/H's Hercules flying aircraft's with Rolls-Royce (Allison) T56- with -15 engines. Contact us at kofab@gokofab.com for information.

SOLD - 1 @ 1981 Boeing B747SP with 4 JT9D-7A engines for $575,000.00 USD. Total Time 59,056, the exterior is painted with base-coat white, pending final color and striping specifications

3 @ BOEING 767-200ER PAX aircraft's for sale

Note: Any and all Aircraft, other supplies or equipment subject to prior sale, lease or removal from the market. Specifications are to be verified by the buyer at inspection. This offer is subject to availability and may be subject to withdrawal in the event that it has been removed from the sales market or sold. The sale or lease of any aircraft, supplies or other equipment is subject to the laws that KO-FAB has to abide by in the USA and the respected Countries of final transport and delivery.

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Email : kofab@gokofab.com
Office Number: 713-864-0404

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